Maine Coon Kitten with Breed Characteristics

This Maine Coon kitten (going on being a cat) has some noticeable Maine Coon characteristics. Why say that? Because there are a good number of so called Maine Coon cats on the internet and in this case Flickr that don't have Maine Coon characteristics and you wonder if they are actually Maine Coons.

People do tend to call their long haired and large domestic cat a Maine Coon even if she or he has no pedigree and is not registered with a cat association, which makes then domestic long hair cats - random bred cats, which are as good and Maine Coons but they are not purebred cats.

Here are two characteristics that give a clue as to the genuineness of the description, "Maine Coon". The tabby and white coat is not exclusive to the Maine Coon but is often associated with this cat breed:

Maine Coon Kitten with a nice square muzzle and lynx tipped ears
Photo by foxypar4


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