The extreme Maine Coon face

This is an example of extreme breeding. This is a Maine Coon but this cat is an extreme and rare example of this breed. This is not the way they look normally. This face is almost like an aggressive robot with the piercing eyes and the huge muzzle.  Or like a lion's head. The head looks enormous and very heavy. It looks unreal. But it also looks very impressive. And purchasers like impressive-looking domestic cats. 

Maine Coon selectively breed to have an extreme face
Maine Coon selectively breed to have an extreme face. Image in the public domain.

And the Maine Coon is meant to be a large cat, the largest domestic cat breed and therefore if a breeder is going to breed to extreme this is the kind of direction they will go in where the emphasis is large, heavy and bulky. This is a very well-known photograph and understandably so because you just don't see domestic cats looking like this. I think, though, that some people might get the misapprehension that this is the way all Maine Coon cats look and it's not the case.

This is the original image. I have made improvements to it above.

These sorts of cats normally come from Russia where they like their fancy domestic cats and where there are many breeders. I think sometimes people forget that. There is quite a healthy cat fancy in Russia. And they breed cats under a different cat association, the World Cat Federation which clearly allows this sort of extreme breeding.


  1. What the hell are you talking about? The Maine coon originates in Maine. There is no such thing as a European maine coon. The breed has standards. They do not come from Russia. There is no such thing as extreme breeding

    1. Bollocks to that. The Maine Coon is bred in America and in Europe including Russia. You are ignorant of the facts. The WCF and TICA provides breed standards for Maine Coons bred in these regions.

  2. Maine Coon cats don't come from Russia, how dumb can be

    1. You are very wrong. Sorry. Check your facts before commenting.

    2. not here to argue but im confused by your response to the previous comment... Maine Coons originated in Maine... that is a fact. are you suggesting this person is false?


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