Eerie picture of a Maine Coon sitting like a human on a chest of drawers

This is a slightly scary picture according to those who've seen it. One social media user said it was the devil and "If I walked into a room and saw that, I would assume some shit is about to go down". There is a ghostly stillness and sinister feeling about the image. 'Eerie' is a better description.

This attractive cat appears to be completely at ease and comfortable sitting on top of a chest of bedroom drawers. The lighting from below (deliberate?) enhances the eerie effect.

It seems possible that this is a photo-edited image but if so, it has been done with great skill. However, I don't think this is Photoshopped. Rethink: to be honest, the more I look at the picture, the more I feel that this is a photo-edited image. It is just too unnatural to be real. Although some domestic cats get themselves into some very strange positions.

Maine Coon calmly sitting just like a human on a chest of drawers
Maine Coon calmly sitting just like a human on a chest of drawers. Picture source unclear. Image deemed to be in the public domain and found on the website. If you click on the image, you will be taken to a larger version.

There is nothing much more to say as domestic cats do sometimes take up poses that are reminiscent of human behaviour.

And the Maine Coon is sometimes bred to look like a human to add to the confusion. 


  1. They do what they want to do.

  2. If I made a photograph I own it, though now since people don't take the time to credit the original source I write near the photo (c) and date and my name and my title of the photograph. I do this now on any platform. The law as I was taught in school was photos taken in public outdoors are free and clear. You do not have to have any signed release. It has gotten so people on the street you might photograph want to object later if they see the photo. The Cops want to prevent you from exercising your right to photograph them. They are lying to you if they say "You can't photograph me." In Europe some countries have different laws. I used to me aggressive but just tell people they are missing out if they won't let me photograph them. I'm a good Photographer. I disagree with the law saying you can't photograph inside a US Post office.

    1. This photo is pretty obviously in the public domain by now as it is all over the internet, so the creator has waived their right to the copyright of the image in considered view. Wrong? Tell me why, please.

    2. An image being posted online does not negate a copyright. An image being repeatedly stolen and reposted does not negate a copyright. Some people do not have the resources for court battles or awareness of their rights. You think an image being online makes it public domain, go try to sell some stuff you lift from Disney's social media accounts and see how far you get.

    3. Your holier-than-thou preaching makes me want to throw up. You are full of sh*t. The internet has broken copyright. Pinterest is in built on breach of copyright. As is Google Images. This pic is in the public domain you idiot.


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