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Food Maine Coon Cat

What food should a Maine Coon cat eat? ANS: the same as any domestic cat. What is that? ANS: High quality wet cat food, some dry for grazing, some treats and some raw perhaps (with due care and caution as raw food requires care in handling to avoid bacterial infections). This video I made is fun (for me!) but has a serious side to it:   What is the best cat food? Well there are two clients: us and our cat and our choices are qualified by budget and convenience.

Maine Coon Kittens California

Here's a short list of Maine Coon breeders in California. The source is the CFA Breeder Referral web page. Telecoons Cattery - located Marysville, California, just north of Sacramento: View Larger Map The occasionally allow people to adopt retired show cats. They'll be real Maine Coons. Enchantacats - located 60 miles N.E, of Sacramento. Breed Maine Coons and Ragdolls. CoonsKin Maine Coon Cats - located in San Diego: View Larger Map Managed and owned by Judy Friedman. Kittens available soon at the time of this post.

Comparison Between Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat

The difference between the well know cat breeds, the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat is always a point of discussion. It pops up from time to time. They look similar and quite possibly have the same heritage; although no one is sure. Photos copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright. All the photos and text on this page are protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA). Nowadays, I tend to leave matters regarding differences in cat breed character alone as logic dictates that there can't be big differences. The biggest differences in personality are between individual cats of any cat breed. But as to appearance, despite the similarities there are subtle differences that are apparent when comparing the breed standards. I helps to know the breeds pretty well beforehand, though. Breed standards are guidelines regarding the desired appearance of the cat breed. They are decided by committee members of the cat association

Maine Coon Kitten with Breed Characteristics

This Maine Coon kitten (going on being a cat) has some noticeable Maine Coon characteristics. Why say that? Because there are a good number of so-called Maine Coon cats on the internet and in this case Flickr that don't have Maine Coon characteristics and you wonder if they are actually Maine Coons. People do tend to call their long haired and large domestic cat a Maine Coon even if she or he has no pedigree and is not registered with a cat association, which makes then domestic long hair cats - random bred cats, which are as good and Maine Coons but they are not purebred cats. Here are two characteristics that give a clue as to the genuineness of the description, "Maine Coon". The tabby and white coat is not exclusive to the Maine Coon but is often associated with this cat breed: Maine Coon Kitten with a nice square muzzle and lynx tipped ears Photo  by  foxypar4

Four Paws Maine Coons

Four Paws Maine Coons specialise in polydactyl Maine Coon cats. Maine Coons as you probably know are predisposed to have polydactyl paws - paws with a greater than normal toes. At the date of this post they have kittens available. The owner of the cattery is Charlene Delano. She has the confidence to list her address: 150 King St., OXFORD, ME 04270, UNITED STATES. View Larger Map It is an area of lakes by the look of it! This is there website .

Champion Maine Coon Cat

Best of Breed GC, BW, NW TABBEYRD MR KITE OF COONSKIN Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Male Photo copyright Hemli Flick The photo on this page is protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA). This Maine Coon cat shows you what a great Maine Coon cat should look like pursuant to the breed standard .

Michigan Maine Coon Cat Breeders

The two source for the three Michigan Maine Coon Cat Breeders that I list on this page are the Cat Fancier's Association breeder referral list and the website Koontucky Maine Coons - affiliated to the CFA and TICA. And breeder member of the MCBFA (Maine Coon Breeder's and Fancier's Association). Managed and owned by Michael & Julie Spayde. Established since 1984 - that is a long time in the breeding world. They specialise in silvers. I can't readily find out their location on their site so it is best for you to visit it and contact them via the site. Alice in Vonderland's Michigan Maine Coon Kitty Cattery . Located in South West Michigan. Kittens available at the time of making this post. Kinneycoons Maine Coon Cattery - located Memphis Michigan (see map below). View Larger Map Julie Spayde says that one of the best ways to start the process of adopting a Maine Coon by buying from a breeder is to visit a cat show. You get the chance t

Maine Coon Kitten

This is another beautiful Maine Coon kitten picture. I like this one better than the other one because this kitten looks to me more "typey". By this I mean this young cat looks like he or she will have the classic Maine Coon face and shaggy haired appearance when she grows up. She look like a female to me. Maine Coon Kitten - Photo  by  Barbarella - The Mad Cat Lady Also, for me there are two noticeable features of the Maine Coon. She already has distinctive tufts of fur from the tips of her ears and there is plenty of ear hair in the ear ("ear furnishing"). And the muzzle - the front part of the face - look very Maine Coonish to me. She seems to be a brown tabby and white kitten.

Cute Maine Coon Kitten

This is a nice photograph of a grey tabby and white Maine Coon kitten taken by Flickr photographer;  VirtKitty . Maine Coon Kitten What do I see? I guess what is most noticeable at this young age is what cat fanciers call, "ear furnishings". Ear hair to you and me. One of the distinctive features of the Maine Coon is the tuft of hair that comes out of the ear flap (the external part of the ear). You can see the beginnings of some great ear furnishings! In this photo he is 8 weeks old. Thanks for letting me publish the photo.

Maine Coon versus Persian

It seems that people search for information on a comparison between the Maine Coon and the Persian. Both are breeds that have been around since the beginning of the cat fancy but on either side of the pond (Atlantic Ocean!). They are very different in appearance and somewhat different in temperament. I say "somewhat" because although you could say they are different in temperament you have to factor in the character of each individual cat. You will meet some Persians that behave a bit like a Maine Coon and vice-versa. People tend to forget that an individual cat's character can outweigh the breed's character. The latter is a bit of a myth anyway. In general the Maine Coon is described as relaxed and people orientated but not overdependent. While the Persian is described as laid back and decorative (Gloria Stephens). The Maine Coon is a large, rangy cat with an uneven shaggy medium long hair. It can be bred to be refined and delicate (CFA style) or a bit more rou

Rangy Large Cute Cat

Say "Hello" to Winston! , a photo by foxypar4 on Flickr. The Maine Coon is a rangy cat with tufts of hair coming out of the tips of the ears! Are those the two things that stick in my mind when I think of the Maine Coon? Perhaps. They are certainly the two things that stare me in the face when I look at Winston in this photo. He has Maine Coon written all over him. Despite being a twelve week old kitten at the time of the photo he looks rangy, long legged and, well....large! He has that cute Maine Coon inquisitive face too. If you look at Maine Coon pics all day you can tell a Maine Coon face. They are very distinctive even when compared to the similar cat breeds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian. They have a distinctive square muzzle to me in any case. That is not cat fancy stuff, just layperson observation.

Maine Coon Registrations with GCCF

The GCCF is the premier UK cat association. They publish registration figures for the years 2006 to 2010. The Maine Coon is ranked the fourth most registered cat breed for 2010. In a worldwide poll on my site the Maine Coon is the most popular cat breed . This is because of US votes and the US is the biggest cat market.Votes from the public will also produce different figures to registrations at cat associations. The Persian is failing as a breed, however, due to poor publicity on over breeding (flat face).

Maine Coon Chat

One way to chat about Maine Coons is to leave comments on pages written by visitors to my website. Click on this link to see a list of web pages written by visitors and some by myself. Comments are often responded to, creating a chat situation. Another place where you can indulge in Maine Coon chat is on Yahoo Groups. You have to join but in a large group you can get good communication going. Click on this link to go to a list of Maine Coon Yahoo groups .

Maine Coon Mix Kittens

In the USA the best place to see Maine Coon mix kittens, in my experience, is through Most of their cats are not purebred but are described as "Maine Coon mix". That phrase is unspecific. It might mean one removed from purebred or a cat that looks a bit like a Maine Coon! Beware of that as you might be adopting a random bred cat that looks a bit like a Maine Coon. If that is the case just adopt a rescue cat at your local shelter. This is the home page of

Maine Coon Cat Mug

This is for people living in Britain as I expect that the Maine Coon Cat Club won't ship internationally. The Maine Coon Cat Club in England is commemorating the club’s silver anniversary (25 years) and they have commissioned special porcelain mugs with a Maine Coon on the side. They are classy and tasteful. They cost £6.50 including postage. If you buy at a cat show they cost £4.25. Go to this page if you are interested .

Maine Coon Kitten Picture

Check out this very cute Maine Coon kitten picture. I use it to illustrate a page on how much it costs to adopt a Maine Coon cat. Some people think they can acquire a Maine Coon cat for free. You can't when you realistically factor in all the expenses and then the maintenance of the cat. Maine Coon Kitten - photo by BerylM (Flickr) - I am in love! See Free Maine Coon Kittens a page that this cat illustrates. There are plenty of comments.

Origin of Maine Coon Cats

I have various posts on this subject under different titles. This is the page where the posts can be seen .

Grey Maine Coon

I am cheating here a bit because I know that I don't have a picture of a self (solid) colored grey Maine Coon. They are, it seems, quite rare. But...there is always a but..there are various types of grey and Tootsie, a purebred rescue Maine Coon living with a friend in Atlanta, USA has a grey tabby coat and a bit of smoke! Tootsie - grey Maine Coon Cat Photo by valleygirl_tka Well, that is it, really. Tootsie is quite famous and you can read and see more about her on this page .

Maine Coon Cat Persian Cat

Maine Coon vs Persian - Photos copyright Helmi Flick People, I think, want to know the difference between the Maine Coon Cat and the Persian cat when searching on the internet. Well, these cats are obviously different. The appearance is the big difference if you are thinking of the flat faced extreme breeding of the contemporary Persian Cat (" Ultra Persian "). The flat faced Persian is the type of Persian cat most accepted in America by the cat associations , which is a shame because most people who buy purebred cats prefer the traditional Persian . The Persian is usually less active and more sedate than the Maine Coon (theoretically). But individual cats vary, of course. There is purebred Persian cat in India who catches rats for her human companion! The Persian has more genetic illnesses than the Maine Coon and the flat faced Persian has inherent health issues with breathing and tear duct overflow because of the extreme, overbred, flat face. Appearance wis

Italian Maine Coon at Show

Maine Coon , a photo by lo.tangelini on Flickr. This is a very interesting looking Italian Maine Coon cat. She (I think the cat is female) looks quite stocky, which is unusual. Although this could be due to the sitting position. Maine Coons are more long and rangy than stocky (cobby in cat fancy language). I am presuming the cat is Italian as she is at an Italian cat show. Sometimes, however you get international visitors. She is red and white tabby . She looks very serious and quite regal. I think she is used to being at cat shows. She has great ear tufts coming from the tips of her ears and you can see that typically there is lots of fur around the toes. She has the classic ruff too. A sort of Maine Coon mane!

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