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Maine Coon vs Persian - Photos copyright Helmi Flick

People, I think, want to know the difference between the Maine Coon Cat and the Persian cat when searching on the internet.

Well, these cats are obviously different. The appearance is the big difference if you are thinking of the flat faced extreme breeding of the contemporary Persian Cat ("Ultra Persian").

The flat faced Persian is the type of Persian cat most accepted in America by the cat associations, which is a shame because most people who buy purebred cats prefer the traditional Persian.

The Persian is usually less active and more sedate than the Maine Coon (theoretically). But individual cats vary, of course. There is purebred Persian cat in India who catches rats for her human companion!

The Persian has more genetic illnesses than the Maine Coon and the flat faced Persian has inherent health issues with breathing and tear duct overflow because of the extreme, overbred, flat face.

Appearance wise the Maine Coon is far more rangy and a bit larger than the Persian. The Persian cat is the epitome of the cobby (stocky bodied) purebred cat. Persians can be quite nervous and this leads sometimes to inappropriate elimination problems.

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in the USA says that the Persian is still the number cat breed in the USA (the biggest market for domestic cats). But my assessment based on a long standing poll is that the Maine Coon is the most popular.

The Persian has lost ground because of a misguided policy by the cat associations as to breeding. It is too extreme. The breed standard for the Persian insists on a perfectly flat face - madness - unnatural and unhealthy.

I would buy a Maine Coon or traditional, doll face Persian. The doll faced Persian is a match for the Maine Coon in the popularity stakes.

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