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Maine Coons have their own personalities

Maine Coons have their own personalities. Screenshot This video starts off very nicely with an important statement. Maine Coons are individuals. They have their own personality. It's important because people ask about the Maine Coon personality. There is probably a personality which is common to all Maine Coons (MCs) but this is in the background. Their individual personality is in the foreground. The couple who made the video are speaking about their MCs. I don't believe all MCs behave as they state because as mentioned they have individual characters. They've made the mistake of generalising about MC character after saying they have their own personalities. For example, she says that all MCs are very friendly, more friendly than other cats. This is incorrect. MCs are friendly provided they've been raised properly by the breeder which is always the case but so are all the other purebred cats and most random bred cats. There is no point in a breeder creating cats who

Maine Coon versus Malamute (stressed husband)

Maine Coon versus Malamute (stressed husband). Screenshot. This is an interesting video made by the wife of the man we see in the footage. The husband looks stressed (chewing his nails) as the Malamute versus Maine Coon play-fight takes place around him as his wife intently does her best to get good video footage. I can sense his stress. I have a feeling that the marriage is not going well but that might be a very unkind observation. The video is titled Giant Cat Beats Up Dog!! (Maine Coon V Malamute) but it not exactly that as you can see. In fact, the dog intimidates the cat as she constantly hisses at the dog and runs into a hiding place to get away from his advances. The Malamute wants to play and instigates it while the Maine Coon is a reluctant participant. The Malamute is a large breed of dog bred for strength and endurance to pull a sled in Alaska. Here he is stuck in a compact home in the UK (looks like). The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed but looks small compared to t

Maine Coon turns off the lights with the help of a laser pointer

The video shows a Maine Coon owner in bed, I presume, pointing a laser pointer at the light switch which is about 5 yards away, which encourages her Maine Coon to jump up at the laser pointer. This results in the Maine Coon turning off the lights! It's quite a neat idea I have to admit.  Maine Coon turns off the lights. Screenshot. This person lives with three Maine Coons (all females I presume as they are called 'queens') and they live in Norway. The video is from TikTok and on that channel you will see lots of videos and images of beautiful Maine Coons in the snow in Norway.  Maine Coons look very at home in the snow; probably because the State of Maine in the US (the place of origin of this breed) is quite cold in the winter. I presume they have snow. In any case, Maine Coons were formerly barn cats on farms and therefore they have this naturalness combined with their beauty. It's an exotic combination which is why they are so popular. Note : This is a video from

'Fig' the adventurous Maine Coon of Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada : Fig is still a young Maine Coon. This breed of cat take four years to become fully adult, apparently. Her human companion, Chelsea Robinson, adopted her last winter. As it happens, Robinson is an avid hiker and adventurer. She often goes hiking through the forest during the weekend and she walks every day with her super cat, Fig. Fig the adventurous Maine Coon of Vancouver Island. Photo: Instagram. She decided to put Fig into a harness to bring her along on her walks and she loves it. Fig especially loves to walk on or near the beach as it is her favourite place. She loves to watch the waves crashing onto the shore. She was enthralled [with the beach]," Robinson said. "Still to this day, no matter where we go, the beach is her favourite place." Robinson says that Fig has been a bright light for her throughout the pandemic. A lot of people would attest to that. You might know that there has been a surge in pet adoptions duri

A clowder of Maine Coon kittens is amused by their creator

They are all Maine Coons. A clowder of them, pressed together. It is not often that you see this. It is not surprising though as the person waving the cat tease around is a Russian Maine Coon breeder and this is her home and breeding establishment. This is where it all happens.  Screenshot. A clowder of MC kittens. I wonder if she is selling them fast enough or at all. Perhaps she can't bring herself to sell them. They are gorgeous. She makes her own raw food for the cats. It is looks disgusting before it is mashed up. It contains whole eggs and calcium. I hope it contains all the requisite ingredients. I feel sure that it does. Click on this link to see the raw Maine Coon food ! @mainecoons69 С днём рождения меня 🥰🥰🥰🥰 ##питомникмейнкунов ##котятамейнкун ##мейнкун ##мейнкуны ♬ оригинальный звук - Игнатий Винтуров Note : This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise

Maine Coon alert - we need something big and fluffy to hold onto

Another stupendous Maine Coon. We are seeing lots of them these days. Are breeders making them bigger and bigger? When will it stop? They are going to be as big as Labradors soon. There is a cup in the background. Is this an award for the biggest Maine Coon on the planet?! I've seen Maine Coons as big but not many. This is a very rare cat. He is a ginger tabby. If you believe that personality can be linked to coat type, you'll believe that ginger tabbies have good, reliable characters. They are popular. This cat was born to lead. Huge ginger tabby Maine Coon. Photo: Twitter. So why is he so big? Answer: selective breeding. You can create large cats by breeding large cat with large cat. It takes time and careful selection of foundation cats. It is inbreeding but done carefully to maintain health as inbreeding can negatively impact health . The gene responsible for the ginger cat is symbolised by the letter O and it is known as 'orange'. The cat's pigment physiolo

Parisian Maine Coon 'crème et blanc'

PARIS: This is a handsome Parisian Maine Coon described by his human caretaker as: "My little lynx Jiyuu of Roswell Maine Coon crème et blanc 19 mois mâle". The translation is: his name is Jiyuu of Roswell. His coat is cream and white. He is 19 months old. Oh, and his is damned handsome. The photo is by his guardian: Lunatique- girl . Cream and white Maine Coon living in Paris, France. Photo: Lunatique Girl. It is a really nice Maine Coon photo of a really nice Maine Coon with an interesting coat colour. I think the main colour is more milk chocolate, cappuccino or fawn! Anyway, super-looking cat. Is he a cream tabby? I think so.

Huge pile of fur combed out of a Maine Coon cat

This is extraordinary. I have never seen so much fur come out of a cat simply by grooming them. I've seen similar piles of fur being removed from a cat that has been neglected and become matted but nothing like this. This woman is simply combing her cat in the normal way albeit a bit vigorously. But the cat likes it so that's okay. Huge pile of fur combed out of a Maine Coon cat. Is this genuine? Is the fur from more than one cat? Screenshot. Huge pile of fur combed out of a Maine Coon cat. Screenshot. And then suddenly we are presented, on the video, with this huge pile of fur which she has combed out. It must have been the shedding season! But only fur which is loose and which is going to be lost anyway is combed out like this so this cat was going to shed a lot of fur during the brighter weather. It is increased light which triggers shedding rather than heat as you might expect. THOUGHT ! :) - perhaps the pile of fur has come from several cats! I think so. She wants to gi

Maine Coon with a head as big as his human companion's

Say no more. The title says it all. He weighs upwards of 35 pounds. I don't know anything about him except what we see, which is impressive. It is when a cat's head looks the same size as a human head that I sit up and have a good look because it is bizarre. The reason is always selective or artificial breeding. The breeder has found a very large foundation cat male cat and mated him I guess with a very large female cat. Bingo, a gargantuan offspring. The cat's head is slightly enlarged because it is nearer the camera but not by much. Maine Coon with a head as big as his human companion's. Photo in public domain. Originally from Imgur.

Maine Coon kitten with a hint of Yoda

This is a Maine Coon with a wise, knowing smile. He has a faint hint of Yoda from the Star Wars saga. Maine Coon kitten with a hint of Yoda. Screenshot from Pinterest video. This little Maine Coon, a kitten I guess, is in that stable of Maine Coon cats who give us the distinct impression that there is a human being inside trying to get out. This little fella has a very faint but wise smile on his face. He looks at the camera as if he understands humans. He's a bit bemused by human behaviour and so he should be because it can be bizarre at times. He's very passive as he is held up on one hand by the breeder, who is also the photographer. She videos him using her other hand. He looks directly into the camera without a problem. I wish my cat could do that. When I bring my camera to my eye he runs away. I might just get one shot in before he meows at me as if to say "F off" and then trots off. He thinks I am stealing his soul. That's not the case with this guy. He&

Another majestic Maine Coon

This is another one of those majestic Maine Coons. The face is extraordinary. It is almost unreal. You don't think that you are looking at a cat but a person. And this is going to appeal dramatically to people who are considering adopting a cat companion. That is why the person who bred this cat is very smart. They understand the relationship between human and cat. It is a relationship of human to child. Domestic cats are members of the family. So why not make a cat look like a human and then they really can be a member of the family? Another majestic Maine Coon. The image, which I believe is in the public domain, has been improved by me. That's why this cat will be very expensive to purchase. I have no idea where the cat is or who bred the cat. I suspect that it is a Russian cat breeder because in my view they are the best Maine Coon cat breeders in the world. Or to put that another way, they are the most adventurous cat breeders which is why you end up with a cat looking l

Do Maine Coons scratch furniture?

Yes, Maine Coons will normally scratch furniture just like any other domestic cats depending on the proclivities of the individual cat concerned. That's the answer. I could stop there but I'll add a bit more. As is the case with any other domestic cat you can take steps to help prevent your Maine Coon scratching furniture. But don't declaw. That is a big NO NO. It is blatantly cruel and unnecessary. What you need to do is purchase some really good scratching boards and scratching posts on which you can rub some catnip to attract your cat to them. If you are armed with these alternatives your cat will certainly scratch furniture much less. As for scratching posts you need to get a really solid one. The best one you can get it on Amazon. Click this link: and you'll be taken to a big, solid scratching post which I believe you can buy on both the European and the American version of Amazon. I have got one myself and a few scratching boards on the gr

Handsome gray Maine Coon with 'halo mane'

This is another incredibly handsome Maine Coon. A Maine Coon with an impressive appearance including a ruff which looks more like a mane encircling his head like a halo. He is blessed! I've taken the liberty to say that he or she has a 'halo mane' (not 'Hello Mam'!). That's my description because what is normally a Maine Coon ruff has been transmogrified into a sort of mane that encircles the cat's head. It is very unusual. The tufts of hair sticking out of the ears are also amazing. They are meant to be a feature of the Maine Coon which is which breeders do their best to create them through selective breeding. This is a good example. The ears are a bit straight and not triangular. The muzzle of this cat is very strong. This is a Maine Coon with an amazing appearance.

Piles of raw cat food for a Maine Coon breeder in Russia

This is an interesting video and still image. For people interested in domestic cats and perhaps the cat fancy, the video and still image are interesting because it tells me that in Russia, where this video comes from, they sometimes feed their cats raw cat food which means they make their own cat food from raw materials. It is tricky so please do it carefully after research. And secondly, this breeder is obviously committed to the idea of feeding her cats home-made cat food.  Piles of raw cat food for a Maine Coon breeder in Russia. Screenshot. She is one of those interesting Maine Coon breeders in Russia because they do create some very interesting-looking cats. I have argued that the Russians breed the best Maine Coons. They have outmanoeuvred the Americans which is sad for them because this is an American cat.  CLICK FOR PAGES ON RAW CAT FOOD SUPPLEMENTS This is America's purebred cat which they call their own. Okay, it was imported from Europe in the 1600s but that's a

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