Another majestic Maine Coon

This is another one of those majestic Maine Coons. The face is extraordinary. It is almost unreal. You don't think that you are looking at a cat but a person. And this is going to appeal dramatically to people who are considering adopting a cat companion. That is why the person who bred this cat is very smart. They understand the relationship between human and cat. It is a relationship of human to child. Domestic cats are members of the family. So why not make a cat look like a human and then they really can be a member of the family?

Another majestic Maine Coon
Another majestic Maine Coon. The image, which I believe is in the public domain, has been improved by me.

That's why this cat will be very expensive to purchase. I have no idea where the cat is or who bred the cat. I suspect that it is a Russian cat breeder because in my view they are the best Maine Coon cat breeders in the world. Or to put that another way, they are the most adventurous cat breeders which is why you end up with a cat looking like a person.

This cat looks into the camera knowingly. There is wisdom etched all over the face. And yet this is a kitten.

I'm not sure that it is a good idea to do this but I do know that it will be successful in terms of a business.


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