2 top Russian Maine Coon cat breeders which ship internationally

I am writing this from the West; specifically, near London, UK. There will be quite a few people living in the West who'd like to adopt a Maine Coon cat and they would like to adopt one from a Russian breeder because they do have a certain style. 

I sense, although I don't have hard evidence to support this feeling, that the top Russian breeders of Maine Coon cats might be superior to breeders from other countries. 

I am putting aside Putin's invasion of Ukraine when writing this article. Some people might object to dealing in anyway with a Russian business on account of that barbaric and illegal invasion.

We should remember that Russia has quite a strong cat fancy. They like their cats and they love their purebred cats particularly the Maine Coon. It is in fact a cat breed which is quite naturally suited to the Russian way of life and climate.

There's lots of space in Russia with a relatively low population and therefore there are going to be houses with large grounds and barns et cetera. The kind of environment where a Maine Coon cat might be an indoor/outdoor cat with a bit of supervision.

King Size

This is a Russian Maine Coon breeder located in the town or city of Yaroslavl. They have a very nice, organised website which for me is indicative of an organised operation. The website is secure by which I mean the URL starts with 'https'. This indicates to me that they are up-to-date on website construction.

King Size Russian Maine Coon breeders
King Size Russian Maine Coon breeders. Image: the breeders

On a Google search, their website is listed very high. Another good sign. The site is in English or Russian at your choice. And it is good English. The kittens and adult cats up for adoption look very high quality to me.

They ship internationally and they state that their cats are all over the world.

They have a purchase contract which I like. That is reassuring both for the seller and buyer.

Their details about reserving a kitten and the delivery of their kitten are pretty comprehensive.

Below is the URL to their website which you can explore.

Maine Coon in Russia - Maine Coon cattery King Size Russia (kingsize-cat.ru)


This is the top ranked Maine Coon breeder as per Google. The website is very similar in appearance and character to the King Size website. A difference is that this is not a secure website and therefore it has not been updated. That's a slight negative. 

It doesn't affect the purchase of cats unless you send money through the website which I don't think happens. But their website URL should start with 'https' and it does not.

They are located in Moscow. They state that it is considered to be the best in the city.

One of Cybercoon's female cats for sale at Jan 2023
One of Cybercoon's female cats for sale at Jan 2023. Image: the cattery.

The cats and kittens look great and I would have confidence buying from this cattery subject to making personal enquiries. I can't vouch for them. I can just to make an assessment by what I see on their website.

They also ship internationally. Clearly, there will be matters to deal with such as rabies vaccinations and quarantine when shipping to countries such as USA and the UK although rabies has been extinguished in the UK for many years.

The site is in good English and Russia so communicating with them shouldn't be a problem.

This breeding cattery has imported cats from other countries such as Finland, Germany, Sweden and the UK as I presume foundation cats in order to breed high quality Maine Coon cats for sale.

Below is their website link:

Moscow cattery Cybercoon.ru - Maine Coons breeding and sale.


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