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Neutering male Maine Coons increases the risk of some urinary tract diseases

Happy and health, ginger tabby indoor Maine Coon cat on his cat tree. Image: MikeB This article applies to all domestic cats but I am publishing it on this Maine Coon website. It is quite an important topic as urinary tract diseases or disorders are common in male cats. It is one of the most common male feline diseases. My research indicates the following: Castration and Urologic Health: Castration does not directly cause urologic disorders. However, some theories (or studies) suggest that castrated cats may be more prone to developing urinary tract problems, although this has not been definitively proven [I question that last statement as the study referred to fond a correlation]. A study came to this conclusion: "Castrated males had increased risk for each cause of lower urinary tract disease except infections and incontinence. Other urinary tract disorders include: urocystolithiasis, urethral obstructions, and idiopathic LUTD" -  (unknown cause but might be stress). To the

Purchasing a Maine Coon? Ask the breeder about HCM.

If you are about to purchase a Maine Coon cat and if you are concerned about the longevity of said Maine Coon cat, you would be wise to question your chosen breeder on the issue of HCM in purebred cats. HCM, as you probably know, stands for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is a pretty commonplace and serious heart disease causing a thickening of the left ventricle which reduces the functionality of the heart to the point where the cat can become lethargic and breathless and cause more serious ailments. AI created illustration of HCM affecting domestic cats. This is not a Maine Coon. In fact HCM eventually kills cats by shortening their lifespan sometime substantially because this disease can start at around four months of age in Maine Coon cats . It's a very serious potential and actual illness which people need to know about particular those people who are researching the adoption through purchasing from a breeder of a beautiful Maine Coon kitten. HCM is the biggest factor in red

Classy Mau cat tree is a good fit for a Maine Coon

Classy-looking Mau cat tree. Image: Mau. 'Mau' means meow 💕👍 I was immediately impressed with this cat tree because of its elegant design and the sleeping pods are big enough for most Maine Coons.  For many home owners cat furniture can sometimes detract from the appearance of a room. A lot of people are house proud. They put a lot of effort into making their home attractive. And they like cats! They have to ensure that the latter does not detract from the former objective. This classy-looking cat tree might be the answer for some. @meatballthemainec Meatball loves this @Mau cat tree but he refuses to share. #mainecoonkitten #mainecoonsoftiktok #mainecooncat #cats #moderncatfurniture ♬ Monkeyshine-JP - Lt FitzGibbons Men The only possible downside is the price: $389. And they may only be available in the US. It is always nice to see cat products that have been nicely designed. Although whether the design appeals or not is in the eye of the beholder. --------- Pleas

Choose a high-quality metal comb for your precious Maine Coon

I  don't live with a Maine Coon 😢😒 but I live with a regular, tabby moggie (good-looker) with a short coat and I use a metal comb on him. In fact, I use a flea comb when combing him top to bottom daily. Flea combs have very tightly spaced metal teeth and nicely rounded ends to the teeth. He loves it and asks for a session. He has his own personal way to ask. Here are some thoughts on combs for the Maine Coon (MC). Cat lovers know that the Maine Coon coat needs maintenance to avoid matts and tangles. My research from cat groomers and Maine Coon owners indicate that it is wise to buy a good or high-quality metal comb for your Maine Coon. In addition you can also buy a special detangler comb.  High-quality products for a high-quality cat, right!? 😎 If you have splashed the cash on a great MC don't skimp on combs. Also it is important that the comb is kind on the skin. In fact you want the combing to massage the skin and thereby feel nice. Don't assume that your MC will enjo

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