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Maine Coon cats are unsuitable for a life without attention from humans

The title might sound a little bit strange because Maine Coon cats are always under the attention and care of humans but a point needs to be made; a general point about cat coats. Long-haired cats are rarely seen in feral cat colonies. It is believed or speculated that the reason for this is that the long coat is a disadvantage to a free-living cat because it easily becomes matted. The only way to remove the matts is for a human to be involved. The cat herself cannot prevent this happening. Maine Coon. Photo: Image by  Joness  from  Pixabay   It isn't so much about the cat getting hot in warm conditions because their coat is long it is about the health concerns as it becomes matted. Although, of course, a long coat is beneficial to outdoor cats in cold climates. However, in temperate climate it is not for the reasons stated above and Maine Coon cats are found anywhere across the globe more or less. There are two reasons why the Maine Coon coat is medium-longhaired. The original

Huge silver tabby Maine Coon with jet black feet

This is a very interesting looking Maine Coon cat. Firstly, as expected, this is a huge cat. The size is at the very top end of Maine Coon size. They do not come much bigger if at all. The cat is a silver tabby in my opinion and perhaps the more interesting aspect of this cat beyond his size is the jet black feet.  The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) states this about the feet:  Paws large, round, well-tufted . 'Well tufted' means hair between the toes. The CFA does not show us cats like this on their website. Their champion Maine Coons are much more conventional in size. The hair between the toes, which sticks out at all angles, is black. You know, for MCs, there should be hair between the toes sticking out like this. The breeders like to see this. And it is all the more visible because of its dark colour. It contrasts very nicely with the shiny silver coat.  This cat is about the size of a Canada lynx which is remarkable because the lynx is a medium-sized wild cat species