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Statuesque white Maine Coon made in Saint Petersburg

This is a video on Facebook in slow motion (I believe) which adds a statuesque quality to this magnificent while Maine Coon bred in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The photo is here to create a featured image and in case the video stops  working. Note : videos on this site are typically made by people other than me and held on YouTube servers or the servers of other businesses (not the server storing this website). Sometimes the videos are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened I apologise but I have no control over it.

Heavyset chonky tabby Maine Coon made in Russia

This Maine Coon is distinctively relatively cobby (stocky) compared to the usual slightly rangy Maine Coon we normally see. And the muzzle is very heavy and pronounced. The cat looks great though. It is just that the appearance is a little different to what I normally see and expect for the Maine Coon. But then the Russians do create Maine Coons that often look a bit different and which stand out.  This cat was breed and photographed by Людмила Вяткина living in Vladimir, Russian. The cat is a browny/rusty red tabby-and-white it seems to me. An amazing-looking cat. Tabby Maine Coon made and photographed in Russia by Людмила Вяткина. The CFA breed standard for the muzzle is 'visibly square, medium in length and blunt ended when viewed in profile. It may give the appearance of being a rectangle but should not appear to be tapering or pointed'.  The general body shape is described as "muscular, broad-chested. Size medium to large". The body should be long with all pa

6 Maine Coon kittens arranged precisely and with difficulty

Here is an arrangement of Maine Coon kittens created and photographed by Людмила Вяткина of Vladimir, Russia, Nice job. It requires a considerable amount of kitten or cat 'wrangling' to achieve this sort of multi-cat photograph. It is almost certain that she had the help of another person! Otherwise it is next to impossible. 6 Maine Coon kittens arranged precisely and with difficulty. See above to photo credit. I have said it before but the Russians create the best Maine Coon cats. They do more with them. They create more interesting appearances. They do go to extremes sometimes which I am not too sure about but overall they do better than the Americans which is ironic because the Maine Coon is an American cat, through and through, and there is a Cold War on at the moment! And the history of this breed is very much entrenched in American history. It is described as "one of the oldest natural breeds in North America's New England area" (Gloria Stephens - Legacy

Black silver blotched tabby Maine Coon kitten made in Russia

This is a Maine Coon kitten described by his creator as: Silver boy Xavier, black silver blotched (ns22), 1,5 months. The breeder: Людмила Вяткина - ArmanPride Maine Coon cattery in Vladimir, Russia. I believe that 'ns22' is a reference to the WCF breed standard coat type. Silver blotched tabby Maine Coon kitten made in Russia. Either the lighting has produced this rusty coloured fur or the fur is indeed that colour. I think the latter assessment is correct which makes this big-footed, beautiful Maine Coon kitten so impressive. He's a tabby. You can tell quite clearly because of the 'M' mark on the forehead. I have said it before. The Russians breed the best Maine Coon cats. They are the most impressive. It's ironic bearing in mind the new Cold War between Russia and America and that the Maine Coon cat is their beloved American cat.

Maine Coon cats are unsuitable for a life without attention from humans

The title might sound a little bit strange because Maine Coon cats are always under the attention and care of humans but a point needs to be made; a general point about cat coats. Long-haired cats are rarely seen in feral cat colonies. It is believed or speculated that the reason for this is that the long coat is a disadvantage to a free-living cat because it easily becomes matted. The only way to remove the matts is for a human to be involved. The cat herself cannot prevent this happening. Maine Coon. Photo: Image by  Joness  from  Pixabay   It isn't so much about the cat getting hot in warm conditions because their coat is long it is about the health concerns as it becomes matted. Although, of course, a long coat is beneficial to outdoor cats in cold climates. However, in temperate climate it is not for the reasons stated above and Maine Coon cats are found anywhere across the globe more or less. There are two reasons why the Maine Coon coat is medium-longhaired. The original

Huge silver tabby Maine Coon with jet black feet

This is a very interesting looking Maine Coon cat. Firstly, as expected, this is a huge cat. The size is at the very top end of Maine Coon size. They do not come much bigger if at all. The cat is a silver tabby in my opinion and perhaps the more interesting aspect of this cat beyond his size is the jet black feet.  The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) states this about the feet:  Paws large, round, well-tufted . 'Well tufted' means hair between the toes. The CFA does not show us cats like this on their website. Their champion Maine Coons are much more conventional in size. The hair between the toes, which sticks out at all angles, is black. You know, for MCs, there should be hair between the toes sticking out like this. The breeders like to see this. And it is all the more visible because of its dark colour. It contrasts very nicely with the shiny silver coat.  This cat is about the size of a Canada lynx which is remarkable because the lynx is a medium-sized wild cat species

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