6 Maine Coon kittens arranged precisely and with difficulty

Here is an arrangement of Maine Coon kittens created and photographed by Людмила Вяткина of Vladimir, Russia, Nice job. It requires a considerable amount of kitten or cat 'wrangling' to achieve this sort of multi-cat photograph. It is almost certain that she had the help of another person! Otherwise it is next to impossible.

6 Maine Coon kittens arranged precisely and with difficulty
6 Maine Coon kittens arranged precisely and with difficulty. See above to photo credit.

I have said it before but the Russians create the best Maine Coon cats. They do more with them. They create more interesting appearances. They do go to extremes sometimes which I am not too sure about but overall they do better than the Americans which is ironic because the Maine Coon is an American cat, through and through, and there is a Cold War on at the moment!

And the history of this breed is very much entrenched in American history. It is described as "one of the oldest natural breeds in North America's New England area" (Gloria Stephens - Legacy of the Cat).

The Maine Coon has been around since the late 1800s as a formal breed but well before that as a working farm cat. They were shown at informal cat shows before the first formal American cat show as the 19th century drew to a close at Madison Square Garden. Appropriately, a brown tabby Maine Coon won that show!    


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