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Largest Maine Coon

Cat of the week: the largest Maine Coon I have seen  I think the cat in the picture below is the largest Maine Coon I have seen. There is not much of a margin between this huge cat and other Maine Coon cats that I've seen which are also very large but I think this one just about pips it to the winning post probably because his head is so large. This main Coon cat's head is almost as large as the head of his human caretaker.  This is a very big boned cat I think it is fair to say.  My guess is he weighs about 25 pounds which is somewhere near the upper limit for this cat breed.  The Maine Coon is the largest purely domestic cat breed. This individual cat is a red tabby. Some people think that red tabby cats are more likely to be the boss cat. Size helps too. I've never seen larger lynx tipped ears on a Maine Coon cat either. Sadly, I do not know the cat's name nor the name of the lady holding him.  If you click on the following link you will see another ver

Maine Coon Lifespan

3 month old MC. Long life ahead The Maine Coon lifespan is probably slightly better than the average for a purebred pedigree cat because although this breed does have some health issues which you can read about by clicking on this link , in general this cat breed is reasonably healthy and therefore around 12 to about 15 years is probably about right. A Swedish insurance company, we are told, discovered that the average age was 12.5 years . The average age for domestic cats generally is about 14 years. Therefore it is probably correct to state that the Maine Coon lifespan is slightly shorter than the more hardy random bred cat. Of course these are averages. Many Maine Coon cats will live longer. The photo is by Kristian Mollenborg on Flickr.

Maine Coon Cattery Complaints

No one is keeping a record of Maine Coon cattery complaints. We don't know what they are or to which cattery they relate. Rather than searching for complaints it is probably better to: make sure you know a bit about Maine Coon cats make sure you know a bit about cat health generally especially of kittens and to know about the potential health problems of Maine Coon cats . ensure you actually visit the cattery and check it over politely to reassure yourself the cats are well cared for and the place is clean and organised - this is essential in fact make sure you get to see the cat's full pedigree and get the correct paperwork that proves the Maine Coon is exactly that make sure cat is fully vaccinated and wormed etc. not buy from an individual advertising an individual cat especially online so you are buying blind. Very risky. You'll get conned or if you get a cat will he/she be purebred and healthy? The most common cattery complaints in general will be adopting a

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