Largest Maine Coon

Cat of the week: the largest Maine Coon I have seen 

I think the cat in the picture below is the largest Maine Coon I have seen. There is not much of a margin between this huge cat and other Maine Coon cats that I've seen which are also very large but I think this one just about pips it to the winning post probably because his head is so large.

This main Coon cat's head is almost as large as the head of his human caretaker.  This is a very big boned cat I think it is fair to say.  My guess is he weighs about 25 pounds which is somewhere near the upper limit for this cat breed.  The Maine Coon is the largest purely domestic cat breed.

This individual cat is a red tabby. Some people think that red tabby cats are more likely to be the boss cat. Size helps too. I've never seen larger lynx tipped ears on a Maine Coon cat either.

Sadly, I do not know the cat's name nor the name of the lady holding him.  If you click on the following link you will see another very large Maine Coon cat which I rate as very similar in size.


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