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Maine Coon Won Best Cat At First US Cat Show

At the time of the first American cat show held in the Madison Square Garden, New York on May 8th, 1895,  the now famous and popular Maine Coon was called a "Maine cat". The word "coon" was not a twinkle in anyone's eye. Perhaps the Maine Coon should still be called the "Maine cat" because I don't think the word "coon" does this breed any favours. Of course the first cat show, in what is now the country with the biggest cat fancy in the world, was held in the State of Maine. That makes sense. The winner was a Maine cat, which makes me think of bias but perhaps that is just me being cynical. The winning cat was a brown tabby Maine cat. The brown tabby coat is nice on the Maine Coon to this day because it is a natural coat type, the sort of coat that would have been typical for Maine cats. The winning cat was of course native to Maine. Apparently he was a good cat so was probably a deserving winner. He was a gelding. As the show took place

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