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Maine Coon Cat Colorado

People searching for Maine Coon Cat Colorado are searching for breeders of this cat in Colorado, USA. So here are two that I have selected. For future reference I find that the best source for cat breeders generally, is the website, followed by CFA referral lists and then maybe listings on a Google search. In this instance the last suggestion proved the best as there would seem to be a decent number of Maine Coon breeders in Colorado from Google's standpoint. CoonPlay is the outstanding Maine Coon cat breeder website in this state. They have been breeding for 21 years. That is probably exceptional and indicates that they are a good breeder. Good breeders bred for heath, let us remind ourselves. One thing I don't like is that you don't know where in the state they are. OK, security is a factor, but a pointer as to their location would help in selection. Trutails is in Colorado but I could not get their website to load. But this link will take you more qu

Comparing the Ragdoll and Maine Coon

Some visitors might like a comparison between the Ragdoll cat and the Maine Coon. These are both highly popular purebred cats. Based on my long standing poll the Maine Coon is the slightly more popular of the two. That may be because a lot of visitors are from America and the Maine Coon is an American cat breed. I'll compare appearance and character. I'll leave links to history. Appearance The best way to compare appearance is through a decent photograph and by comparing breed standards (in outline).  Comparison between Ragdoll and Maine Coon Photo of Ragdoll copyright Dani Photo of Maine Coon copyright Helmi Flick   The photograph shows the similarity. My initial thoughts without reference to books etc. are that they are obviously both large cats. The Maine Coon, on average, is slightly larger and the largest cat breed registered by the CFA . The Ragdoll is the second largest. They are both " substantial " in cat fancy parlance. However, the M

Maine Coon Figurines

Here is a slide show of Maine Coon figurines. These are for the North American market as far as I know - I don't believe these people ship internationally. There are Maine Coon brown figurines and much more. Widgets I hope these are useful.

Maine Coon Chatterie

The title is a search term for people in France looking for a Maine Coon cat breeder. The Maine Coon is a very international cat. Yes, it is the American cat but also an international cat. My search produced Le Comte des Fées. On a strict translation that means "Count of the Fairies". Not sure that is correct in this context! This is the link to the site . The site is in French and English and the cats are stunning. They are located in the middle of France.

CFA and TICA Maine Coon Comparison

Photos copyright Helmi Flick Helmi Flick says (and she should know) that Maine Coons registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) tend to be prettier and tidier than those registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) which are more shaggy and natural looking, if you like. It's all about the interpretation of the breed standard by cat show judges, which cannot be absolutely precise. As I have already written about this I won't recite it all again here. Please go to this page for full details . The photos and text on this page are protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA).

Maine Coon Adaptation to Winter

Floris -- photo ©dirk huijssoon The theory goes that Maine Coons have several adaptations to deal successfully with harsh winter climates. This, it is argued, harks back to the early days when they evolved as semi-feral cats from long haired cats imported into the United States either by the Vikings in the 11th century or seafarers and settlers to America in the early 17th century - Maine Coon history . The Maine Coon has a dense water resistant type coat. Particularly, it is longer on the undersides and the rear of the cat. The theory is that this protects the cat when sitting and walking in snow, icy or wet conditions. In addition it is said that the long plumed tail can be used as a protector to provide warmth when curled up resting. The Maine Coon not uncommonly has large polydactyl paws acting like snow shoes. However this theory is probably bogus because the ships cats that were imported into the USA were often polydactyl cats because sailors preferred them believing t

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