Comparing the Ragdoll and Maine Coon

Some visitors might like a comparison between the Ragdoll cat and the Maine Coon. These are both highly popular purebred cats. Based on my long standing poll the Maine Coon is the slightly more popular of the two. That may be because a lot of visitors are from America and the Maine Coon is an American cat breed.

I'll compare appearance and character. I'll leave links to history.


The best way to compare appearance is through a decent photograph and by comparing breed standards (in outline).

Comparison between Ragdoll and Maine Coon
Photo of Ragdoll copyright Dani
Photo of Maine Coon copyright Helmi Flick

The photograph shows the similarity. My initial thoughts without reference to books etc. are that they are obviously both large cats. The Maine Coon, on average, is slightly larger and the largest cat breed registered by the CFA. The Ragdoll is the second largest. They are both "substantial" in cat fancy parlance.

However, the Maine Coon is known to be quite slender and rangy under that shaggy coat. They are considered to be long bodied. The Guinness Records longest domestic cat is a Maine Coon called Stewie. By contrast the Ragdoll is more stocky or cobby in cat fancy language.

As to coat colors and patterns, the Ragdoll is a pointed cat, while the Maine Coon can be seen in a myriad of different colors and patterns. The most suited is perhaps the tabby and white but that is personal.

You'll see ear tufts and plenty of "ear furnishings" on the MC but less so on the Ragdoll. The MC's muzzle is squarer and stronger I think. And the head less round. But I am writing this intuitively.

Breed Standards

What does the breed standard say? Well, I'll let you read the standards which you can readily find on the internet. I quote what how an expert describes these cats.   Gloria Stephens in Legacy of the Cat says the following about these cat breeds:
  • Maine Coon - broad head, broad square muzzle. Large eyes oval in shape. Large ears, lynx tipped (wild looking ears!). Ears set high on the head. Large body. Substantial feet. Boning and musculature is substantial. Uneven shaggy coat.
  • Ragdoll - Pointed cat. Body is substantial. Sweet expression. Head is broad with slightly rounded contours. Muzzle is rounded and well developed as is the chin. Ears are medium sized with rounded tips. Oval eyes must be blue.  Fatty pad on lower abdomen may be present. Coat is plush and silky. Coat breaks when cat moves (opens up in a lump). Ruff around head. Fur also long on rear legs.
Conclusion: they are quite similar in description but there are noticeable differences one of which is the ears (larger and lynx tipped on the MC) and coat type (shaggy vs silky). And of course the Raggie is pointed like a Siamese with blue eyes.


The Maine Coon has been called a "gentle giant". They are independent minded but enjoys human company and are great companions but not babies. Tend to like water. Males are "goofy", females more dignified.  The MC is relaxed and easy going but don't necessarily like to be held. They have small voices and a trill. Can be alpha male or female.

The Ragdoll is laid back, calm even docile and quiet. They are easy to handle. The Raggie is affectionate and friendly. They love human company. Good for full-time indoors if you prefer that style. Sometimes called "genial and relaxed".


Please see: Maine Coon history and Ragdoll history (brief timeline for Ragdoll).

Hope this helps.


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