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British Maine Coon Does Not Need To Have Ear Tufts

One of the defining physical characteristics of the Maine Coon are the ear tufts , the long hair that grows out from the tip of each ear to make the ears look larger and give then a more triangular appearance. Ear tufts are enshrined in the American cat association breed standards. There is actual mention of ear tufts - EARS: Shape: large, well-tufted . Surprisingly (for me at least!) there is no mention in the British "standard of points" which is the UK equivalent of the breed standard . This is what it states: "Ears - Large, tall ears, wide at base and tapering to appear pointed at the tip; set high but well apart." No mention of "tufts" but there is mention of the ears appearing pointed at the tip, which is an oblique reference to ear tufts so why can't the Brits be more precise and actually refer to the hair! It would have been better. My recommendation to the GCCF (the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - the premier cat association in th

Why Do Maine Coon Cats Get Hip Dysplasia?

A lot of people know that the Maine Coon cat is prone to getting hip dysplasia (HD). HD is, regrettably, associated with this popular cat breed. HD can affect any cat both purebred, pedigree and random bred cats. It affects dogs more than cats. It is an inherited disorder. It is a genetic disease. It is not a single gene which causes the disease but many (it is polygenetic). It is therefore a complex disease. It is not congenital meaning that the cat is not born whether it but the disease develops over a period of time. My thanks to Vet Network for the image. This cat breed is particularly prone to the condition because of its size. Apparently around one quarter of all MCs have HD based on X-rays submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). The Maine Coon is the biggest domestic cat other than a 1st filial wild cat hybrid. Size puts extra weight on the ball and socket joint of the hip where the leg meets the hip which exacerbates the problem. There is an instabil