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Cuteness overload - very passive Maine Coon kitten in video. Why? How?

Photo: Robert Sijka This Maine Coon kitten is so cute but also so slow-moving. I wondered when I first saw the video if this kitten had been tranquilized in some way or other. The video was made by a well-known photographer of cats whose name is Robert Sijka. He does take the most wonderful photographs of the most wonderful Maine Coon cats. This is an example. But it can help to slow down a cat when photographing them alone. If you have a wrangler it's fine but alone it is hard to control the camera, the lighting and the cat simultaneously and successfully. @robert_sijka Cuteness overload. ##mainecoon ##kittens ##cat ##catsoftiktok ##felisgallery ♬ paparazzi - Nick&Sienna🌹 The picture i.e. the still picture is a screenshot from the video. However, this photographer does make super high-quality images. You just wonder how the photographer got this sweet kitten to stay still this long in order to make this video. Is it normal for such a young kitten to be this p

Statuesque split-faced tortie Maine Coon (video)

It is called a 'blaze' in the cat world - the line down the face. You can read about it by clicking here . This is a very special looking cat. Rare. It would be like owning a ferrari in the world of cars. There is a single different letter between 'cats' and 'cars'. Trivia. The point though is that you would have to take particular care of your cat companion if you owned a cat like this one. Leash training would be required when they were a young kitten. Then it would be manageable to take her out for a walk at the weekend, safely. It is hard to train adult cats to accept a leash with success. They normally fall over and become static. You'd get some admiring glances. Even then you'd have to watch out for the thieves. Dogs are being stolen all the time in the UK during lockdowns and they are on leads. A couple of thugs approach you and bingo they have your glamorous, split-faced tortie Maine Coon worth £5,000 maybe. Statuesque: attractively tall, grace

Maine Coon Size - this is a huge one!

  Enormous Maine Coon with a head bigger than the person holding him. Pic: in public domain. Maine Coon size is very important to both breeders of this cat and the public. I sometimes think that the public is more obsessed with Maine Coon size than the breeders are. The bigger the Maine Coon the better. There is a fascination about it and I confess that there is nothing much more impressive than a huge Maine Coon. They've been bred like this through selective breeding but please remember that they weren't always like this. The original Maine Coons were regular farm cats in the state of Maine in 19th-century and before. They were robust, rugged, medium-longhaired moggy cats but impressive nonetheless. Their impressiveness led to breeders deciding to breed them which in turn led to the breed being accepted by the cat associations and then to win cat shows and become perhaps one of the most famous breeds in the world. The breed standard for the Maine Coon as provided by e.g. Cat F

Debonair Maine Coon

  Debonair Maine Coon - Photo: Tatiana Rostorgueva. I have selected the word "debonair", a word used to describe a sophisticated, confident, stylish and charming man and applied it to a domestic cat. But I think it's appropriate because this breeder is creating Maine Coon cats which have a human appearance. And if you look into this cat's face I think you can see a stylish human! The person who created this cat lives with 50 Maine Coons! And of course she delights her followers on social media with photographs. Her name is Tatiana Rostorgueva, 45, from Moscow, Russia. She is a professional cat breeder and a kindergarten teacher. She lives with her husband Vladimir. It does not surprise me one bit that a Russian woman bred this cat. They have a habit of creating amazing-looking Maine Coon cats and specialise in making them with a human face. Clearly the face is not a human face but you get an inkling that there is a human behind those eyes. Tatiana began professiona

Picture of a polydactyl Maine Coon plus some info

We know that the Maine Coon cat is predisposed to polydactylism . One theory is that this predisposition originates in ships' cats. I'm referring to the ships' cats at the time of the European settlers when they were emigrating from Europe to the New World. Arguably these were the first domestic cats imported into America and some of them stayed in the state of Maine where over 400 years of domestic cat evolution they eventually became this magnificent purebred cat called the Maine Coon.  Back in the day sailors sometimes believe that the best ships' cats were those with extra toes because it helped them walk on deck in rough seas. That's a rather simplistic idea but you get the point. And it's why a lot of cats at Hemingway House in the Florida Keys were and are polydactyl cats -  so called 'Hemingway cats'. They originate from the old ships' cats. That's the theory, legend or story and you can believe it or not. Polydactyl Maine Coon. Picture

Black Maine Coon with extravagant lynx tipped ears

  Black Maine Coon with extravagant lynx tipped ears Picture in the public domain in my view. The cat breeders call them "ear furnishings" which sounds as if you are furnishing your home with items of furniture. I refer to them as "lynx tipped ears" because they follow the anatomy of the wild cat species known as the"lynx". The best known of the lynx family of cats is the Canada lynx . Of course, the reason why these ear furnishings are so obvious in this black cat is because they are black. They stand out in sharp contrast to the lighter background. They make the ears look large and pointed which is not too bad a thing for a Maine Coon because the breed standard states that the ear should be: "large, well-tufted, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed". This is the CFA breed standard for MC ears.

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