Statuesque split-faced tortie Maine Coon (video)

It is called a 'blaze' in the cat world - the line down the face. You can read about it by clicking here. This is a very special looking cat. Rare. It would be like owning a ferrari in the world of cars. There is a single different letter between 'cats' and 'cars'. Trivia. The point though is that you would have to take particular care of your cat companion if you owned a cat like this one. Leash training would be required when they were a young kitten. Then it would be manageable to take her out for a walk at the weekend, safely. It is hard to train adult cats to accept a leash with success. They normally fall over and become static. You'd get some admiring glances. Even then you'd have to watch out for the thieves. Dogs are being stolen all the time in the UK during lockdowns and they are on leads. A couple of thugs approach you and bingo they have your glamorous, split-faced tortie Maine Coon worth £5,000 maybe. Statuesque: attractively tall, graceful, and dignified. Yes, it applies to this cat.


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