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Be prepared to pay $5,000 for a really good Maine Coon kitten

For years, I read on the Internet that the average price of a Maine Coon cat was about $1000-$1500. You will still see these prices on the Internet. In fact you will see cheaper prices but you can't be sure you are buying a purebred Maine Coon pedigree cat so be careful. There'll be no fears of this nature when buying from a reputable breeder. Sassy Koons Maine Coon kitten that might cost $5,000. Image: Sassy Koons. But the point I want to make today is that not infrequently you will see Maine Coon cats selling for $5000. This is about five times what we have seen in the recent past. And this is probably the accurate price for a good quality Maine Coon kitten because like all 'products' the price of Maine Coon cats is subject to market forces. And the price is subject to the quality of the cat. If you select a really good quality Maine Coon cat breeder and their cats are in high demand because they are known for their quality plus the market is currently hot in terms of

Hip dysplasia in Maine Coons is not caused by the extra weight of the cat

I have to keep this very brief. Scientists decided that the health problems associated with Maine Coons concerning the hind limbs namely hip dysplasia and patellar luxation are due to inheriting defective genes and not due to the extra weight of this cat breed which I decided years ago is the biggest domestic cat breed. In the words of the scientists: The authors therefore conclude that genetic or other causes may be involved in orthopaedic hind limb pathogenesis seen in MC cats more often than in other breeds. The word 'pathogenesis' means in this case the development and persists of diseases affecting the hind limbs of the Maine Coon. As you see they conclude that inherited genes cause the problem. They also meekly refer to 'or other causes' but there are none that I can think of and which would be plausible. Separately if hip dysplasia affects both legs it it worse. And bigger Maine Coons have worse cases of hip dysplasia. This may be because as the problem develops

The reason (sole reason!) why your Maine Coon is naughty!

I'm reading the Maine Coon Central website while dictating this. And I am irritated to be perfectly honest. I have a completely different perspective to Maine Coon cats and domestic cats in general compared to the woman who writes the above-mentioned website. The first point I would like to make is this: to call a domestic cat "naughty" is to anthropomorphise the cat. In other words, you are humanising a domestic cat, an entirely different species. Image copyright Helmi Flick Maine Coon cats are never naughty in the true sense. They might seem to be naughty in the human sense if you are looking at your Maine Coon cat as if they are a toddler but that's an entirely different thing. I don't think you should look at the Maine Coon cat and think that you are looking at a toddler. You should respect the domestic cat's normal behaviours which are always in response to the environment in which they live. Their behaviour is instinctive based upon inherited behavioural

Rusty black Maine Coon enjoys a leashed walk and is mistaken for a dog

One of the online mantras is that the Maine Coon is so big (sometimes) that they can look like a dog at a distance. I can't really believe that but I get the point about size and put a Maine Coon on a leash and the resemblance to a dog becomes more acute. The important point here is that nearly all Maine Coons are full-time indoor cats and therefore it is almost obligatory to train your Maine Coon to walk on a lead to enable them to enjoy some outdoor life safely. They'll need this mental stimulation. You could argue that all Maine Coon owners must go through a leash training course before adoption or what about this: the breeder and supplier of Maine Coon kittens leash trains their kittens for sale so that they are 'leash ready' when sold to their new adopter. Cool? This black cat has some 'rust'. The black coat is occasionally rusty. This is a well-known phenomenon due to a tyrosine deficient diet. Several websites say that " Tyrosine deficiency is caused

Pisceans and Maine Coons are matched

Pisceans are born between February 19 to March 20. They are often described as sensitive, imaginative dreamers and also for being compassionate and empathetic and intuitive. They have what is described as a "rich inner world" and they are drawn to creative pursuits such as writing, music and the arts. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which is associated with spirituality, imagination and mysticism. While it is not accurate to say that all Pisceans prefer space to themselves it is probably true that some or many people born under the sign Pisces like their 'alone time' and appreciate having personal space. That's because Pisceans are known for their introspective and reflective nature. They like to have some alone time to recharge and connect with their inner world. And this, is why they are suited to living with a Maine Coon cat because the Maine Coon cat is described by Gloria Stephens, a former show judge and cat breeder, and also an author, as not demandin

Maine Coon from Romania wins prestigious cat show in Strasbourg

This is a bit of a coup for the Maine Coon cat breed. A four-year-old, male Maine Coon exotically named RO Panco's Elros has won the title of the 'World Winner' 2023 at a FiFe cat show. FiFe is the premier continental Europe cat association. The show took place at the Parc des Exposition, Strasbourg, France. There were 1,300 competing cats! The breeder is Yann Panco from Bucharest. This is the first major cat show win for a Romanian cat as I understand it. Panco said: Nothing compares with the participation in the most important cat event, and after so many years of taking part in this, the emotion is still the same.  This year Romania's team had the most participants in a WS, and they had fantastic results as well. I want to thank them for being by my side, as a true team, and I am happy we lived this excitement together. The star cat looks superb as you would expect. Here are some pictures of him:  RO Panco's Elros and the winning team (believed).  RO Panco's

These Maine Coon kittens will whet your appetite!

They are gorgeous, there is no denying. If you are pondering the possibility of adopting (buying) a Maine Coon kitten this little video from a breeder may whet your appetite. I say buy rather than adopt as the only way you'll be able to own a Maine Coon is by buying a kitten or sometimes an adult from a breeder as there are so few available as rescue cats in shelters or clubs. RELATED: The price of Maine Coon cats (a comprehensive discussion) Here we see two grey tabbies and a ginger tabby on the floor. I'd pick the ginger tabby. It is a personal choice but ginger tabbies have a reputation for good characters. I am not sure if there is any science in that but it is pretty good anecdotal evidence on the internet . RELATED: How to confirm that your Maine Coon cat is purebred without pedigree papers (and more) Screenshot from the video above The video comes from a successful TikTok account: Lucki Maine Coons. Link:

Maine Coon is not a 'natural breed'

The experts including cat show judges sometimes refer to the Maine Coon as a 'natural breed' but this descriptive phrase is an oxymoron as all cat breeds are unnatural as they are the products of artificial selection which is the opposite to the method by which new species are created: natural selection. In case you don't know the word, an oxymoron is a phrase in which the words conflict. In this instance the word 'natural' conflicts with the word 'breed'. There is nothing natural about cat breeding. It is all very contrived and unnatural. It is quite brutal in many ways; keeping studs in cages all their miserable lives and procreating from time to time and doing nothing else. And the females forever pregnant. All organised and managed by a person. All Maine Coons originate from moggie barn cats in Maine and the east coast of the US. The forerunner of the Maine Coon were not breeds. They were your standard random-bred cats imported from England with the Euro

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