These Maine Coon kittens will whet your appetite!

They are gorgeous, there is no denying. If you are pondering the possibility of adopting (buying) a Maine Coon kitten this little video from a breeder may whet your appetite.

I say buy rather than adopt as the only way you'll be able to own a Maine Coon is by buying a kitten or sometimes an adult from a breeder as there are so few available as rescue cats in shelters or clubs.

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Here we see two grey tabbies and a ginger tabby on the floor. I'd pick the ginger tabby. It is a personal choice but ginger tabbies have a reputation for good characters. I am not sure if there is any science in that but it is pretty good anecdotal evidence on the internet.

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These Maine Coon kittens will whet your appetite!
Screenshot from the video above

The video comes from a successful TikTok account: Lucki Maine Coons. Link:


  1. I just came across this, thank you for sharing our babies! The main two kittens in the video are Raspberry Beret (Black silver mackerel tabby) & Paisley Park (Black silver mackerel torbie). Both are Maine Coon Poly.

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting. They are gorgeous.


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