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Maine Coon eating habits

People are Googling "Maine Coon eating habits". If we are completely honest they don't have any that are any different to any other cat. It is said they like to play with the water in their water bowl. There might be some truth in this but a lot of cats, purebred or not, will also play with their water. It is normal domestic cat behavior, inherited from the wild cat ancestor, in my opinion. As to habits regarding eating solid food: none. Sure, individual cats will have their own foibles. This is normal because each cat, random bred or purebred, will have his own character. As to diet, the answer has to be the same. They don't have habits anymore than any other cat. Why should they? The Maine Coon is the same species of cat as all the other breeds and all the other random bred cats. That is the key. If they are the same species, on a scientific basis, they'll have the same behavioural characteristics as other domestic cats. Do you know of any Maine Coon ea

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