Rusty black Maine Coon enjoys a leashed walk and is mistaken for a dog

One of the online mantras is that the Maine Coon is so big (sometimes) that they can look like a dog at a distance. I can't really believe that but I get the point about size and put a Maine Coon on a leash and the resemblance to a dog becomes more acute.

The important point here is that nearly all Maine Coons are full-time indoor cats and therefore it is almost obligatory to train your Maine Coon to walk on a lead to enable them to enjoy some outdoor life safely. They'll need this mental stimulation.

You could argue that all Maine Coon owners must go through a leash training course before adoption or what about this: the breeder and supplier of Maine Coon kittens leash trains their kittens for sale so that they are 'leash ready' when sold to their new adopter. Cool?

This black cat has some 'rust'. The black coat is occasionally rusty. This is a well-known phenomenon due to a tyrosine deficient diet. Several websites say that " Tyrosine deficiency is caused in cats when they do not get organic meat and fresh produce to eat. Cats that primarily survive on packed cat food develop this deficiency."

I am digressing but I have an article in rust in black cats which may interest you - click here to read it.

Screen grab from the video. The 'rust' is very clear. 

The video comes from the TikTok account of gemmaandfriends5.


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