Black Maine Coon with extravagant lynx tipped ears


Black Maine Coon with extravagant lynx tipped ears
Picture in the public domain in my view.

The cat breeders call them "ear furnishings" which sounds as if you are furnishing your home with items of furniture. I refer to them as "lynx tipped ears" because they follow the anatomy of the wild cat species known as the"lynx". The best known of the lynx family of cats is the Canada lynx. Of course, the reason why these ear furnishings are so obvious in this black cat is because they are black. They stand out in sharp contrast to the lighter background. They make the ears look large and pointed which is not too bad a thing for a Maine Coon because the breed standard states that the ear should be: "large, well-tufted, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed". This is the CFA breed standard for MC ears.


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