Cuteness overload - very passive Maine Coon kitten in video. Why? How?

Photo: Robert Sijka

This Maine Coon kitten is so cute but also so slow-moving. I wondered when I first saw the video if this kitten had been tranquilized in some way or other. The video was made by a well-known photographer of cats whose name is Robert Sijka. He does take the most wonderful photographs of the most wonderful Maine Coon cats. This is an example. But it can help to slow down a cat when photographing them alone. If you have a wrangler it's fine but alone it is hard to control the camera, the lighting and the cat simultaneously and successfully. The picture i.e. the still picture is a screenshot from the video. However, this photographer does make super high-quality images. You just wonder how the photographer got this sweet kitten to stay still this long in order to make this video. Is it normal for such a young kitten to be this passive? I just wonder. I'm not sure about the markings. I think that I see some very, very faint tabby markings in this medium-longhaired coat. I'm not sure what the coat type this. Perhaps solid, dilute blue gray may be the type of coat. The breed standard allows an enormous range of coats for the Maine Coon. Once again, this particular kitten appears to have been bred in Eastern Europe or Russia because that's where they create fantastic Maine Coon cats like this one with a hint of human in the face. That's what makes them so appealing. I'm sure that they are sold at a very high price because they are enormously desirable.


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