Maine Coon Cattery Complaints

No one is keeping a record of Maine Coon cattery complaints. We don't know what they are or to which cattery they relate. Rather than searching for complaints it is probably better to:
  • make sure you know a bit about Maine Coon cats
  • make sure you know a bit about cat health generally especially of kittens and to know about the potential health problems of Maine Coon cats.
  • ensure you actually visit the cattery and check it over politely to reassure yourself the cats are well cared for and the place is clean and organised - this is essential in fact
  • make sure you get to see the cat's full pedigree and get the correct paperwork that proves the Maine Coon is exactly that
  • make sure cat is fully vaccinated and wormed etc.
  • not buy from an individual advertising an individual cat especially online so you are buying blind. Very risky. You'll get conned or if you get a cat will he/she be purebred and healthy?
The most common cattery complaints in general will be adopting a cat that is ill while the breeder states that her cats are healthy. When you find out your cat is ill and telephone the cattery the owner will say it is your fault and bad luck. This is a page on a Bengal cat breeder in Australia who had problems.

Maine Coon kitten - grey/silver classic tabby. Photo copyright Helmi Flick

This means a decent contract is pretty important too. There should be a contract and it should allow the buyer from a Maine Coon cattery to return the cat if she/he is ill within the first fortnight of adoption or something like that.

Another rather tiresome but useful process is to request an independent veterinarian near the cattery to check over the cat before adoption and before driving home. This is the sort of thing you'd do if you are buying an expensive second hand car so why not when buying a cat? It will prevent surprises and protect the buyer.

The important thing about buying a Maine Coon cat at say $700- $1000 is that the true cost is much more. On average it might work out at around $15,000 over 15 years. If the cat is unhealthy it could be more.

I know this is all fiddle etc. but a good contract avoids complaints because it prevents the breeder from messing around and gives the buyer a clear recourse for compensation if something goes wrong.

Buyers should be aware that once bought a new cat becomes part of the family. A connection can be created fast. If the cat is sick it is emotionally very difficult for the caretaker. It is important to get things right at the start.


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