Heavyset chonky tabby Maine Coon made in Russia

This Maine Coon is distinctively relatively cobby (stocky) compared to the usual slightly rangy Maine Coon we normally see. And the muzzle is very heavy and pronounced. The cat looks great though. It is just that the appearance is a little different to what I normally see and expect for the Maine Coon. But then the Russians do create Maine Coons that often look a bit different and which stand out. 

This cat was breed and photographed by Людмила Вяткина living in Vladimir, Russian. The cat is a browny/rusty red tabby-and-white it seems to me. An amazing-looking cat.

Tabby Maine Coon made and photographed in Russia by Людмила Вяткина.

The CFA breed standard for the muzzle is 'visibly square, medium in length and blunt ended when viewed in profile. It may give the appearance of being a rectangle but should not appear to be tapering or pointed'. 

The general body shape is described as "muscular, broad-chested. Size medium to large". The body should be long with all parts in proportion to create a well-balanced rectangular appearance. One possible criticism is that this beatiful cat is not long in the classic Maine Coon way. The so-called longest domestic cat was a Maine Coon called Stewie at one time.


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