Maine Coon kitten with a hint of Yoda

This is a Maine Coon with a wise, knowing smile. He has a faint hint of Yoda from the Star Wars saga.

Maine Coon kitten with a hint of Yoda
Maine Coon kitten with a hint of Yoda. Screenshot from Pinterest video.

This little Maine Coon, a kitten I guess, is in that stable of Maine Coon cats who give us the distinct impression that there is a human being inside trying to get out. This little fella has a very faint but wise smile on his face. He looks at the camera as if he understands humans. He's a bit bemused by human behaviour and so he should be because it can be bizarre at times. He's very passive as he is held up on one hand by the breeder, who is also the photographer. She videos him using her other hand.

He looks directly into the camera without a problem. I wish my cat could do that. When I bring my camera to my eye he runs away. I might just get one shot in before he meows at me as if to say "F off" and then trots off. He thinks I am stealing his soul. That's not the case with this guy. He's a wise old soul on young shoulders.

Yoda. Picture in the public domain.

There is a trend at the moment to breeds Maine Coon to look like old men and I think actually it's a single breeder who is doing this. They seem to have found one foundation cat from which they are breeding these amazing offspring. I have no idea what they cost but it will be a fortune.

As mentioned, he looks a bit like Yoda in the Star Wars films. He appears to be a grey tabby cat and his fur is extraordinary. He's got Dennis Healey eyebrows! If you don't know who Dennis Healey was then you can look him up on the Internet. He was a British politician who never trimmed his eyebrows so they were incredibly bushy.


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