Handsome gray Maine Coon with 'halo mane'

This is another incredibly handsome Maine Coon. A Maine Coon with an impressive appearance including a ruff which looks more like a mane encircling his head like a halo. He is blessed!

I've taken the liberty to say that he or she has a 'halo mane' (not 'Hello Mam'!). That's my description because what is normally a Maine Coon ruff has been transmogrified into a sort of mane that encircles the cat's head. It is very unusual. The tufts of hair sticking out of the ears are also amazing. They are meant to be a feature of the Maine Coon which is which breeders do their best to create them through selective breeding. This is a good example. The ears are a bit straight and not triangular. The muzzle of this cat is very strong. This is a Maine Coon with an amazing appearance.


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