Maine Coon versus Malamute (stressed husband)

Maine Coon versus Malamute (stressed husband)
Maine Coon versus Malamute (stressed husband). Screenshot.

This is an interesting video made by the wife of the man we see in the footage. The husband looks stressed (chewing his nails) as the Malamute versus Maine Coon play-fight takes place around him as his wife intently does her best to get good video footage. I can sense his stress. I have a feeling that the marriage is not going well but that might be a very unkind observation.

The video is titled Giant Cat Beats Up Dog!! (Maine Coon V Malamute) but it not exactly that as you can see. In fact, the dog intimidates the cat as she constantly hisses at the dog and runs into a hiding place to get away from his advances. The Malamute wants to play and instigates it while the Maine Coon is a reluctant participant.

The Malamute is a large breed of dog bred for strength and endurance to pull a sled in Alaska. Here he is stuck in a compact home in the UK (looks like). The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed but looks small compared to this large Alaskan creature.


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