Rangy Large Cute Cat

Say "Hello" to Winston! by foxypar4
Say "Hello" to Winston!, a photo by foxypar4 on Flickr.
The Maine Coon is a rangy cat with tufts of hair coming out of the tips of the ears! Are those the two things that stick in my mind when I think of the Maine Coon? Perhaps.

They are certainly the two things that stare me in the face when I look at Winston in this photo.

He has Maine Coon written all over him. Despite being a twelve week old kitten at the time of the photo he looks rangy, long legged and, well....large!

He has that cute Maine Coon inquisitive face too. If you look at Maine Coon pics all day you can tell a Maine Coon face. They are very distinctive even when compared to the similar cat breeds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian.

They have a distinctive square muzzle to me in any case. That is not cat fancy stuff, just layperson observation.


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