Maine Coon versus Persian

It seems that people search for information on a comparison between the Maine Coon and the Persian. Both are breeds that have been around since the beginning of the cat fancy but on either side of the pond (Atlantic Ocean!).

They are very different in appearance and somewhat different in temperament. I say "somewhat" because although you could say they are different in temperament you have to factor in the character of each individual cat. You will meet some Persians that behave a bit like a Maine Coon and vice-versa. People tend to forget that an individual cat's character can outweigh the breed's character. The latter is a bit of a myth anyway.

In general the Maine Coon is described as relaxed and people orientated but not overdependent. While the Persian is described as laid back and decorative (Gloria Stephens).

The Maine Coon is a large, rangy cat with an uneven shaggy medium long hair. It can be bred to be refined and delicate (CFA style) or a bit more rough and ready or natural (TICA style).

The Persian is a large cat too but not as large as the Maine Coon. The Persian coat is very long and smooth. The appearance is chalk and cheese:

The Persian is cobby while the Maine Coon is substantial. The head shape is the biggest difference because no domestic cat looks like a flat faced Persian! The Maine Coon has a normal face and head for a cat with a strong square muzzle, while the modern Persian's face is round but flat at the front.

The ears of the Persian are meant to be small. The Maine Coon ears are medium to large in size with plenty of ear hair and the famous tufts of hair on the ear tips. Persian ear hair is long too but there are no tufts!

Between the two it could be argued that the Maine Coon is healthier as it is predisposed to less genetically inherited diseases.


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