Italian Maine Coon at Show

Maine Coon by lo.tangelini
Maine Coon, a photo by lo.tangelini on Flickr.
This is a very interesting looking Italian Maine Coon cat. She (I think the cat is female) looks quite stocky, which is unusual. Although this could be due to the sitting position. Maine Coons are more long and rangy than stocky (cobby in cat fancy language). I am presuming the cat is Italian as she is at an Italian cat show. Sometimes, however you get international visitors.

She is red and white tabby. She looks very serious and quite regal. I think she is used to being at cat shows.

She has great ear tufts coming from the tips of her ears and you can see that typically there is lots of fur around the toes.

She has the classic ruff too. A sort of Maine Coon mane!


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