Beware people saying their cat is a Maine Coon

Some people will say that their large long haired cat is a Maine Coon. It sounds good. And a large random bred cat can look similar to a Maine Coon. And even cat breeders can produce Maine Coons that are not great in respect of compliance with the breed standard. So these purebred Maine Coons are similar in appearance to random bred cats that look like Maine Coons. You have to be careful.

You have to be careful to about which cat breeder to go to because a Maine Coon that is purebred and which looks perfect Maine Coon may not be that healthy. Sorry, I don't want to stir up trouble but it can happen. I am not saying that Maine Coons are inherently unhealthy, just that health problems such as hip dysplasia and HCM (a heart disease) are factors.

There are many Maine Coon mixes on for instance. These are not purebred. These are worthy and wonderful cats but if you want a purebred cat you'll have to get documentary evidence and go to a damn good cat breeder or be lucky through a cat club or cat rescue.

You can in fact tell the difference between a Maine Coon mix and a purebred. Look at the pictures in the video above and on this site and make comparisons with advertised Maine Coons. You will see a difference. Classic signs are:
  • no ear tufts (hair coming out of the top of the ears)
  • face wrong shape. There should be a nice square muzzle and a strong face.
  • wrong body shape. The Maine Coon is gangly and rangy not stocky.
  • no plumed tail.
  • no "shaggy coat". If the coat is too even and dense it is a mix.
  • no mane. Maine Coons have longer hair around the neck.


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