Black and White Maine Coon Cat

Well, I have a picture of the most beautiful Maine Coon cat in the world and she is a black and white Maine Coon cat. Maybe you have seen this cat and are searching for her or maybe you just like black and white Maine Coons.

Black and White Maine Coon - Miss Kate
Photo copyright Helmi Flick

I confess that I love Miss Kate. She is pure glamor. She epitomizes the attraction of the Maine Coon cat and why the Maine Coon is the world's most popular purebred cat.

If you want to know a bit more about the genetics of this kind of cat coat please go to cat coats solid and white. This is a bicolor cat coat. Bicolor means "two colors".

Here is another black and white Maine Coon Cat. Although this does not look like a Maine Coon😢.

black and white Maine Coon cat
Photo copyright Helmi Flick.


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