Black Smoke Calico Male Maine Coon?

This is a photo on Flickr and embedded from Flickr so the image might disappear! Also I don't know if this cat is a purebred Maine Coon or not. There are lots of Maine Coon "mix" cats out there. They are as good as any other cat and better than most but not purebred.

Black Smoke Maine Coon and a touch of orange -by Dan Hershman

This cat definitely has a smoked coat. You can see a purebred Maine Coon that has a black smoke coat on this page. Smoked coats are caused by the inhibitor gene stopping the production of melanin being produced in the skin so that it is only embedded in the top one third of the hair strand.

What is that orange fur doing around the face and under the white? This cat has patches of white too. So I'd say that he might be a smoked calico cat! Not sure if that is possible or that it is a good assessment. But Max (his name) is a very handsome cat and male cats are very rarely calico cats!


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