Grey Maine Coon

A grey Maine Coon will often be a grey tabby Maine Coon. The coat will not be even in colouring and without a pattern. I suspect that you are looking for a pure grey coat color like the Russian Blue or Chartreux.

The Maine Coon is found in a large range of coat colors and patterns. You will no doubt find a pure grey one somewhere.

They are better looking, though, and more Maine Coonish when the coat is a tabby coat and particularly a tabby and white.

Below I show a grey tabby Maine Coon. The photo is by Helmi Flick and protected by copyright.

The photo on this page is protected by copyright ©. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA).

Grey Maine Coon cat
Silver grey tabby Maine Coon - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

See a fantastic photo by Helmi of silver classic tabby and white Maine Coon kittens. This is a special photo.


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