Grooming Tips Maine Coon Cat

Grooming tips for a Maine Coon cat will be the same as for any cat or at least any semi-longhaired or longhaired cat. Longhaired need to be groomed by us. Shorthairs can be left alone but grooming is beneficial.

I can't think of one tip that is more important than this one: groom regularly, ideally once or even twice a day. The key is to prevent matting. Once you have matting it is very hard to remove the matts. Your cat won't like it and neither will you.

But your cat will enjoy being groomed with a nice comb bought perhaps at your local veterinary surgery or online at Amazon.

The Furminator is very efficient but beware of the fact that it might be too strong for your cat. Not all cats will like the Furminator. A more gentle brush/comb combo device is probably better to keep the matting at bay.

If your groom regularly you can even get a flea comb through a dense coat (32 teeth to the inch comb).

Not all cats will like being groomed but most will. The key once again is to do it when the cat is a kitten (first 7 weeks). But be gentle please. Never pull. Your cat will learn to dislike it if you pull and groom too hard. Make it pleasurable for both of you. If your cat learns to dislike it you won't be able to do it without a struggle.

Grooming a Maine Coon pro style.


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