Largest Maine Coon Cat

If you are looking for the largest Maine Coon cat you won't find a definitive answer on the internet as to the particular individual cat that is the largest. There is no competition that ranks Maine Coon cats in terms of size and weight.

This boy is pretty large, though:

Shooter. The biggest Maine Coon?
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But that said, the Maine Coon as a purebred cat breed is the largest of the domestic cat breeds other than the wildcat hybrids. And lets be honest, wildcat hybrid domestic cats are really domestic cats (i.e. they are not wildcats). The first filial (F1) wild cat hybrids are normally bigger than the Maine Coons. That means the F1 wildcat hybrids are larger than the large Maine Coons.

The people at Guinness World Records have awarded Magic the accolade of the largest domestic cat. That shuts out Maine Coons.

There is a compensation, though. For what it is worth, the longest cat in the world (!) is a Maine Coon called Stewie. To be honest I doubt that Stewie is longer than Magic. I actually doubt whether he is the longest cat. I think the whole Guinness Records thing in respect of cats is a bit crazy. In fact,  if I am correct it tells us that the largest, longest and tallest is all a bit of a game to satisfy your desire for extremes.

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