Maine Coon Cat and Water

photo by navvywavvy (Flickr)

There is an association between the Maine Coon cat and water, strange though it sounds. Maine Coons seem to like water. They like playing with it.

Apparently some Maine Coon like to paw at their water bowl. Why is this? I attempt to answer that question on this page.

And Dante who lives in Chicago, Illinois says this about Oliver: My Maine Coon cat is obsessed with water!

And on this webpage your will see a Maine Coon fascinated with water. So what is going on?

Well, it is probably no more than what all domestic cats do or certain individual cats do. This is a throwback to the small wildcat who likes to hunt near water courses because there is prey there. Many small wildcats do this. Maine Coons are descendants, ultimately, of the wildcat as are all domestic cats, purebred and random bred.


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