Maine Coon Kitties

Ruth lives with by Dan Hershman who took the photo

People search on the internet for "Maine Coon Kitties" The word, "kitties" is used by Americans so I know that it is Americans who are searching. might be one of these people. If you are, you are wise! The Maine Coon is the post popular purebred cat in the world, I believe. The video heading this website explains why I think this is. This page also discusses the reasons behind the Maine Coon's popularity.

Before adopting (buying or rescuing) a Maine Coon it is probably sensible to think about the cost of maintaining a purebred cat and to learn about the Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon does have potential health issues, lets remember. I don't want to run down the Maine Coon. Not at all. This is a very special breed of cat and I love this breed. But people who wish to keep a Maine Coon should be aware of health issues as they translate into cost issues! Going to the vet is expensive. Pet insurance companies say that the Maine Coon costs more to keep over a lifetime because of increased vet's bills. This page deals with that subject. These are UK insurance companies in this instance.

Did you realise that it costs an estimated $10,000 over the lifetime of a cat to keep a cat? Obviously you can make that figure cheaper and more expensive but we should have realistic expectations about keeping cats before we adopt.

Some people think they can go to a rescue center and get a free Maine Coon Kitten. Well it is not as simple as that. Yes, it is a very good idea to start at rescue centers. And you might get lucky. Valley Girl did when she found a fantastic purebred polydactyl Maine Coon through Her name is Tootsie. But this is unusual. And there is never a free cat, purebred or otherwise to be found at a rescue center when you factor in all the expenses.

The Maine Coon is a beautiful, large, semi-longhaired cat, with a long history as a breed of purebred cat in North America. They are recognized by all the cat associations proving how well established they are.

The cat associations allow a myriad of coat colors and patterns. The Maine Coon is perhaps the best known cat to use the murmur sound the trill and chirrup. Although all cats to varying amounts and styles make these cat sounds.

See this page for more on the ever popular Maine Coon cat - America's long haired purebred cat.


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