Maine Coon Price

What is the price of a Maine Coon cat? Well, it will vary. And I guess that you are looking for a purebred Maine Coon from a breeder. You can occasionally find purebred Maine Coons at rescue centers but probably won't get the certificates to prove it. Tootsie is a great example and she is polydactyl too. The human companion to Tootsie, "Valley Girl", did as far as I am aware, obtain documents to confirm purebred status as well. Tootsie is quite internet famous!

Tootsie Maine Coon Cat - Silver Smoke Coat?
Photo copyright Valley Girl

People who are not breeders by "pet quality" purebred cats as opposed to breeding cats. Breeding cats are more expensive because they have to be of a particularly high quality.

In the USA the price of a Maine Coon might be between $400 and $1000 depending on quality (quality means how close to the breed standard and based on overall appearance and temperament).

In the UK you can probably say the same figures in pounds (GPD).


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