Maine Coon Rescue New York

There are two main sources of Maine Coon rescue in New York and both are affiliated to or work through major rescue websites: Petfinder (Maine Coon Rescue) and Adopt a Pet (Maine Coon rescue on this site).

The big thing about these Maine Coon rescue sites is that nearly all the cats are Maine Coon mix. They are described as this. I am not convinced that some are even that! They look like long haired moggies to me. How can you tell what a Maine Coon mix is? And exactly what is a Maine Coon mix? They are random bred cats in fact. Great cats yes but not purebred Maine Coons.

There are some - a few - purebred Maine Coons on these sites but even then the rescue center says that they cannot guarantee that they are purebred. Are there papers to establish that? Not sure. I'd watch out for that.

[Note: moggies are at least as good as purebred cats. They are probably more inherently healthy as they come from a wider gene pool. But if you would like to adopt a real Maine Coon they are not that.]


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