Maine Coon Wallpaper

Wallpaper, to those who are not sure, is a large image that can be shown on the desktop of your computer as a substitute for what is provided by the manufacturer of the computer. If you like Maine Coon cats, Maine Coon cat wallpaper has its attractions.

No doubt there are websites that provide wallpaper downloads etc. But why not make you own wallpaper?

You just have to find a copyright free Maine Coon image that is free or under license or, if you don't mind paying a small sum of money, you can go to iStockphoto for suitable images. Most of these images are perfect for wallpaper.

For free Maine Coon cat pics under license (comply with the license, please) go to Flickr. Read this about copyright and free public domain photos.

The photo below would make a decent wallpaper as there is plenty of white on the left for the icons:


If you click on this page you can see it in very large format so you can them re-size to fit the computer screen. This image is can be used under a creative commons license to make wallpaper.

This is the page of Flickr to start from.


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