Red Maine Coon Cat

At a cat show
Red Tabby Maine Coon - Cat Show Champion - Photo BerylM

The red Maine Coon cat is also the orange Maine Coon or ginger or marmalade etc.. They are one and the same. Below is a pic of a very large red Maine Coon. He is a little overweight, yes, but he is also large excluding that.

Orange Maine Coon - photo by Zak Greant

This picture is cross referenced to large Maine Coon cat because of his size.

The cat associations allow a very wide range of colours for the Maine Coon. That is not always the case. Some breeds can only be one color - the Chartreux for example is grey only.

"All the ginger, marmalade and red tabby cats display the sex-linked orange gene O". (Robinson's Genetics).

Red Maine Coons are nearly always male cats for the converse reason that calico Maine Coons are nearly always female.

Below is a show cat Maine Coon - orange tabby. He has to be a boy!

Orange Maine Coon

Finally, here are two professionally taken photographs of a red Maine Coon cats:

Red Maine Coon - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

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Gevalia and Blush - photo copyright Helmi Flick


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