Are Maine Coon cats expensive?

Maine Coons are no more expensive than any other purebred cat. The price depends on the quality of the cat and whether the cat is a breeder (being sold to a person breeding cats) or a pet. I guess it depends what you consider expensive.

Purebred cats do vary in quality because breeding is not a science. By quality I mean how close is the cat's appearance to the breed standard and how good is the cat overall, in terms of general appearance and character? I will presume for the sake of this post that the cats are healthy. Please ensure that they are.

There are lots of Maine Coon mix cats advertised on the internet. Petfinder comes to mind. These are nice cats, as good as any other cats, but not purebred cats.

The price is around 500 USD ($) in the USA and a similar number but in pounds (£) in the UK. Prices can go to 1000 and more. For some people these prices are expensive and for others they are not.

Remember that it can cost upwards of about $15,000 or £15,000 to maintain a domestic cat over his or her lifetime.


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