Cancer boy loses red Maine Coon in shooting

This is so typical of modern society. I am sorry if that sounds negative or depressing etc. But it really is. And we are talking about the UK here. The UK is in a mess, in my opinion on several levels.

It is the story of a handsome (all Maine Coons are handsome) red tabby Maine Coon cat that was adopted to help Henry Dancer get through his terminal cancer. Henry was 12 at the time. He succumbed to the cancer about four months after his Maine Coon, Ben, was shot.

Ben went missing, got shot and badly injured and returned. Simple story. Sad story. The chances of finding the perpetrator are zero.

People who shoot cats, and there are quite a few people like that in the world, don't care if the cat is a moggie or a Maine Coon. If it's moving, shoot it. I suspect that he was shot with an air rifle. They don't require licenses as far as I know in the UK and cats shot by air rifles are quite commonplace. In the USA it would have been a bullet. True.  This is the original story on the BBC website.

Here is where Ben and Henry lived - Cornsay:

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