Difference between Maine Coon and Siberian cat

The difference between the Maine Coon and Siberian cat in respect of appearance will be found in the breed standards of these cat breeds. There will also be purported differences in personality and finally in respect of health issues. Purebred cats generally have some sort of propensity to a genetically inherited illness.

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The breed standards compare as follows in a small selection of key areas:

Ears - Maine Coon ears are large and well tufted (lynx tipped). They are wide at the base. The Siberian ears are medium large and ear tips are allowed but as you can see they are not necessarily present. The MC has more prominent ear hair (ear furnishing) inside the ear flap.

General - Maine Coon is rugged and solid with a smooth shaggy coat. The Siberian is described as medium to medium large with a triple coat and the overall appearance is of strength and presence. The Maine Coon is larger on average than the Siberian. It is also rangier.

Head & muzzle- Maine Coon head is medium width and longer in length. Siberian head is medium large with rounded contours. It is difficult to detect differences in that description but the photos show a distinct difference. The Maine Coon muzzle is more prominent and squarer. The Siberian has a pronounced ruff (longer hair) either side of the head.

Neck - the MC neck is described as medium long and the Siberian neck as rounded and sturdy.

See CFA Maine Coon breed standard and Siberian standard.

Personality - the personality of these cats is similar in my opinion. They are both not lapcats and both are said to be independent. The MC has a quiet voice. They both form strong attachments to their human companion. See Maine Coon personality.

Medical - as to health issues. Maine Coons health problems show that they are predisposed to hip dysplasia, patella luxation, HCM, PKD, gingivitis and spinal muscular atrophy. The Siberian cat health issues are: Feline urethral syndrome and HCM.


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