Maine Coon Cat and Patella Luxation

Pattela luxation is a slipping kneecap. The word "pattela" is the scientific name for "kneecap".  "Luxation" means dislocation in medical language.

Maine Coon cats are genetically predisposed to the condition. The kneecap is anchored by ligaments. It slides in a groove that is in the femur. When the groove is too shallow the kneecap slips out when the knee bends.

In cats, the kneecap most often slips out to the inside of the knee joint - called "medial luxation".

Maine Coons with patella luxation will be lame to a certain degree and skip. Vets can diagnose for pattela luxation through expert manipulation. It is not advised to try yourself.

The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) keeps a register of cats that are free of this condition. Screening for hip dysplasia an associated condition can be carried out by the OFA.

Treatment involves weight control and surgery if needed. Arthritis can develop if it is not treated.


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