Maine Coon Eye Colors

A cat association breed standard dictates what eye color is acceptable for the Maine Coon purebred cat.

So, I'll have to quote a breed standard. The International Cat Association (TICA), one of the big players, says this: "Color: Any shade of green and/or gold. No relationship to coat color. Blue and odd-eyes accepted in whites and particolors.". The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), said to be the world's largest cat association has a very similar breed standard with respect to eye color.

We should be seeing green and/or gold eyes with what I consider the best coat, the tabby and white, for this cat. Let's look for a picture of a tabby Maine Coon and see if the eyes meet the breed standard.

Maine Coon cat eye color - gold on a tabby Maine Coon
Photo by DreamShoot by Marcel Steger

Well, this handsome boy meets the standard with respect to eye color  - beautiful gold eyes. Kittens have blue eyes until the pigmentation settles in into the iris of the eyes. Here is a Maine Coon kitten with blue eyes by the same photographer: DreamShoot by Marcel Steger. This kitten has nice lynx tipped ears as well.


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